From the producers of The Repair Shop, Kings of the Wood are an elite group of master carpenters, working out of a beautiful forest location and coming together to build extraordinary, functional items for people who truly deserve them. A collection of workshops nestle in a woodland clearing where our Kings love to work and we’d love to visit!

Our team of highly skilled men and women receive three visits per episode - all are jobs that test their specialist skills and creativity to the limit. The punters are all looking for a gift for someone else - someone who deserves it. It might be a cabin bed for a growing nephew, an outdoor table to say thanks to parents who have helped out during a difficult time or a workbench made for a husband who’s always dreamed of becoming a carpenter.

Every brief needs all the Kings’ ingenuity to design and execute something very bespoke. How do they incorporate the nephew’s love of dinosaurs into the bed design? How will they create a table and bench set which organically grows with the parent’s favourite tree? How are they going to evoke the nostalgic family memories in the workbench? Whatever our contributors expectations are, our Kings exceed them by building wood creations that leave them awestruck.

We’ll see the Kings discuss, deliberate and debate the design before deciding who gets to work on each part of the job. All the jobs are team efforts as they help, support and share skills. The extraordinary process of the build itself is lovingly covered in granular detail. As the Kings work, they talk off camera to describe the technique - it’s a way of inviting the viewer into their world and their thought process. The sheer alchemy of taking raw materials and turning them into something beautiful is a pleasure to watch. Each story is intercut to create natural hooks so the show is irresistibly addictive, especially as we build to each tantalising reveal.


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8 x 60




Discovery+ UK



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